~The Dock6 consists of 6x VCA’s which mix down to a stereo bus.

Each VCA has :
2 CV inputs with amount control
An Initial Gain Control
A Mute Switch (with bi-colour LED RED=MUTED / GREEN=ON)
A Large PAN control ( The LED on the PAN control indicates the signal at the INPUT)
The CV control also incorporates a useful buffering system.  If a CV is connected to the top channel’s CVA input then this CV is electronically buffered to the remaining 5 channel’s CVA inputs.  Likewise plugging a CV into the top channel’s CVB input will result in a buffered copy being sent to the other 5 channels CVB input.  This way you can control all channel with 1 CV line.
Each channel can have its own CVA and CVB controls as plugging in to channels 2- 6 CV inputs will override the buffered inputs.
Also included in the design is a Stereo LED OUTPUT indicator (LED driver chip could be removed if your Current Draw is on a budget)
The basic idea for this mixer was to utilise the THAT 2162 2x Blackmer VCA IC’s ( similar to that used in the SSL bus compressor) to control Volume and Pan for a single channel.  The output from the Blackmer VCA’s are a Current source thus ideal for hi-quality stereo mixing.
It had to be on a single PCB to keep the costs manageable.  To achieve this a 4 layer PCB construction was used.
Soldering of the SMT was done in a reflow oven whilst sockets an pots are hand soldered.
Width 45HP (228mm)
Height 128.5mm
Depth (with the IDC power connected but without the extra cable relief) 30mm
Requires +/-12v to operate
Current Draw Approx 400ma