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Replicator: Buffered Multiple

for eurorack with reversed phase outputs.

The Replicator has two main modes:

A)  One input mirrored to all 8 outputs   B)  Dual inputs each to 4 outputs

When using the first input the phase of the second group of four outputs can be reversed with the toggle switch. In addition, there are two dedicated phase reversed outputs, one for each input.


2CPO: Audio to Trigger & Gate

Our latest module converts line level audio to triggers, gates, clocks, and reset pulses. A cunning way to keep your modular in sync with just a pair of analogue outputs from your hardware sampler, drum machine or DAW.


Dock6: A Six Channel VCA Mixer

A six input, stereo output panning mixer.

A shallow module, ideal for skiff cases, the Dock6 has a glorious panel size. Sub-mixing your modular elements, and arranging them across the stereo field quickly becomes an indispensable process. The CV input can be harnessed for a variety of interesting modulation and routing tricks. The panning effects that can be achieved are fantastic.


The Really Nice Sample Library

We present a sample library of waveforms, keymaps, and percussive sounds for your sampler! This unique collection of sounds has been extracted from the personal recordings, instruments and processed with unique prototypes..