Is it a kick?  Is it a clap?   Well yes it’s a kiap!

Based on the TR808 kick and clap circuits this is a version using easy to get parts.  This circuit also incorporates the White and Pink noise generators.  The pcb image is 600dpi and reveresed ready for ‘press and peel’.

kiap web copperkiap web copperparts values


As I have designed this circuit for single sided etching there are quite a few wire links to add.  So when building this module there are 11 wire links that can be made using resistor leg off cuts.  Here is where to put those wire links.

Short links      (put these in first)                                 Long links (put these in at the end of build)

kiap web short linkskiap web long links

Here is the populated board.

before jumpers


I have left pads on the board should you wish to add a switch to toggle between white and pink noise.  This can then feed a normalising socket which then feeds the clap noise input.  This will allow any signal to be patched into the claps band pass  and envelope circuits.

kiap web socket switch

kiap web schematic



KIAP parts list


3x       220pf          film-box       

2x       1n             film-box       

4x       4.7nf          film-box       

6x       15n            film-box  ( originally 18nf but 15n seems to be easier to get and works fine)       

1x       22nf           film-box       

1x       27nf           ceramic        

2x       33nf           film-box       

1x       47nf           ceramic        

10x      100nf          film-box       

3x       .47uf 50v      electro    

1x       1uf            film-box       

2x       1uf 50v        electro-pol    

2x       22uf           electro-pol    

1x       47uf 16v       electro-pol 


6x       1N4148         diode         

3x       TL072P         DIL

1x       LM13700N       DIL16        

2x       LM339N         DIL14 

3x       2N3906         pnp

10x      2N3904         npn 


POT1     100k log tune  16MM         

POT2     100k A         16MM         

POT3     10k tone       16MM         

POT4     500kb decay    16MM          

POT5     100k level     16MM

10k preset pot

22k preset pot


2x       BEAD resistor

1x       100r

1x       200r                  

2x       330r          

1x       680r

4x       1k

1x       2.2k

2x       2.7k          

7x       4.7k

1x       5.6k

2x       6.8k

1x       8.2k           

7x       10k            

3x       15k

8x       22k

2x       27k

1x       39k                                                       

4x       47k 

2x       68k 

3x       82k

5x       100k

3x       300k

1x       330k

1x       390k

2x       470k

9x       1M