DX7 Repair and Mods

The first thing to go on the DX7 was the backup battery.

As this was soldered into the board, it was replaced with a battery holder.  This board had to come out in order to get a good clean connection.

So when the mains transformer stopped working 3 months later

I was pretty disappointed.

I found a suitable transformer at RS.  This was soldered onto bread board with the connecting wires. (Probably not a text book way to do this!).  This was then screwed into the existing mounting holes.

DX7 Transformer Test.

The Initial Test before mounting.

The fully mounted solution.

Secured in place.

Upgrade Time.

Now with everything working I was getting back into FM big time.   I stumbled upon a software update from a guy on eBay which also provides 4 banks of onboard RAM.  This involved soldering some wires to the legs of in-place ic’s.

OS and RAM Upgrade

A Success!

And whilst being obsessed with DX7 ebay searches, I also found a back-lit LCD replacement.  As I was spending much more time programming sounds this seemed to good to be true.

Original Screen before replacement.

The New LCD Screen.

A result!