Filter Party. Cirklon & Matrix 1000 vs Sherman FB2, and Analogue Systems FB3

Welcome to the Filter Party broadcast from London.

You are about to witness a High Fidelity Audio Visual Demonstration, which features Tom’s American Oberheim Matrix 1000, Sequenced on the Cirklon created in Scotland by Colin at Sequentix

This is then Processed by the Sherman Filterbank 2 by Herman in Belgium, and the Analogue Systems FB3 Triple Bandpass Filter Bank built here in England by our hero Bob.

Good Evening.

I have actually missed out a few bits of the signal path.

The bassline is also sequenced on the Cirklon, which is triggering a Studio Electronics SE1.

This and the main melody are mixed together with a bit of verb from the Eventide H8000, and then the stereo mix is mastered through the CLM Dynamic EQ and SSL Mixbus Compressor (Clone)

There is a Make Noise Maths processing the output of the Din Sync Mod Seq providing a little attenuation and slew.

It would have been nice to shout out to the modulation and utility module manufacturers Paul (Din Sync) and Matt (Really Nice Audio) but the intro would have been longer than the piece. I will try to make some nice examples of their modules next.