Oberheim DMX Repair and Mod and Screen Replacement

This drum machine had a flat back up battery when I bought it.  When i first opened the unit I found what looked like an after sales mod.  With a bit of poking around I came to the conclusion that this was a clock out mod.  I think it gave out a 24ppq signal.


As the battery is soldered to the underside of the main board and I did not wish to pull every thing out, I decided cut the old battery out leaving as much of the old legs so the new battery could be soldered to them.  I cut the cable ties holding the batteries in place, replaced the battery and then glued the cable tie back together.  This drum machine does not move around so this was a worthwhile compromise.  The battery is a 3.6v Nicd.

dmx batt

Now I can save patterns and started using SYNC GEN II by INNERCLOCK  I was super excited to order the DMX upgrade from Electrongate.   Here it is fitted.  Also you might notice the cable ties around the mains transformer used to stop a hum that had developed.


Screen Replacement