The 2CPO

A small form-factor module which converts audio to triggers.

There are currently two versions of this module:  Line Level & Headphone Level

This module has a number of applications.

A) Converts Clock and Reset Pulses from Line Sources (There is a mod for the level and impedance for headphone sources)

B) Trigger Generation from Audio. Dual Channel For Example: The 2CPO can be harnessed to convert two channels acoustic multi-track recordings of a Kick & Snare. Integrate your modular with traditional production techniques!

C) Gate Extraction: Dual Channel. Depending on the material at input it is possible to generate a gate shape to hold. See the picture in the gallery below.

The 2CPO is a flexible and economic solution to providing sample accurate sync to a variety of systems avoiding the jitter and latency of MIDI.

Inputs: 2     Outputs: 2

Power Consumption:  35 mA

Width: 2HP

Accessories: Screws, Washers, and Powercable.

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