The Replicator: A buffered multiple with phase reverse.

Flexible active signal distribution in eurorack format with switchable reverse phase outputs.

The Replicator has two main modes:

A)  One input mirrored to all 8 outputs

B)  Dual inputs each to 4 outputs

When using the first input, the phase of the second group of four outputs can be reversed with the toggle switch.

In addition, there are two dedicated phase reversed outputs, one for each input.

The unit features multi-colour LEDs to help visualise the polarity and phase reverse in context.

The module is supplied with a cable.

Using an active circuit rather than a standard passive multiple has many benefits, one of the most popular being to distribute pitch control voltages without the calibration loss.

The phase reversed outputs can be harnessed to invert the modulation source, panning is great starting point.


Board : Dual Layer SMT Technology, includes a shrouded pin header to avoid hilarity polarity errors.

Size : 4HP

Power : 85 mA

Accessories : Screws, Washers, and Power Cable.