The Really Nice Sample Library 2018.

This curious collection of single cycle, looped notes, synthesised drum hits, acoustic drums, looped drums, modular noises & squeaks, and other sonic oddities has been drawn from the staff sample libraries.

Version 0.1b

Keymaps.Really.Nice > Burzts.Modular : 13 Files Crazy Modular Noises

Keymaps.Really.Nice > Turok.Modular : 60 Files A whole bucket of whizzy noises.

Loops.Really.Nice : 1 file  A nice loop played by Dave. I have more of these to come.

Percussion.Really.Nice > 7 Drum Hits Original The start of the RNA drum synthesis haul

Waveforms.Really.Nice > Analogue Systems Sawtooth Full Keymap A full note for note keymap of the Analogue Systems RS-90 Oscillator waveform from the Integrator System.

Waveforms.Really.Nice > Oberhiem.Matrix.1000.C3.Variety Lots of different C3 Notes recorded from the Matrix 1000, all custom patches, not from the preset library. I upgraded the firmware and used an editor.

Waveforms.Really.Nice > Revolutionary Alphabet v1 A single cycle alphabet of wavetables. Starting vaguely sinisolidal and getting more complex and noisy as we go.