Welcome to Really Nice Audio.

June 2018.

Creators of useful and innovative studio technology for your modular synthesiser and beyond.

We have added a shop to the site! Contact us first before placing an order, please also use the comment form to let us know if you register a new user account, as it needs to be manually approved.

The Replicator, Dock6, and Sample Library are the first products for sale.

Fresh Sounds & Samples for your Library!

We present a sample library of waveforms, keymaps, and percussive sounds for your sampler! This unique collection of sounds has been extracted from the personal recordings, instruments and processed with unique prototypes..


The Replicator

Buffered multiple for eurorack with reversed phase outputs. The Replicator has two main modes.

A)  One input mirrored to all 8 outputs

B)  Dual inputs each to 4 outputs

When using the first input the phase of the second group of four outputs can be reversed with the toggle switch.

In addition, there are two dedicated phase reversed outputs, one for each input.